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Meet the Tutor: Sarra Levinson

Sarra tells us about how scuba diving in Bali led her to teaching tax!

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KPMG student achieves global top mark in professional exam

A KPMG student who is studying for her ACCA qualification in Jersey has achieved the highest mark in the world.

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Meet the Tutor: Rory Gordon

Our new tutor, Rory Gordon, tells us about his path towards teaching and his recent attempt at a triathlon.

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E-volution – enhancing your skills for the Information Age

Do we expect too much in the workplace? Consider this: How many times have you been told to figure out how to use a piece of software, without any real coaching?

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KPMG leads the way in digital accountancy with BPP

KPMG and BPP have joined forces to be the first to offer the ‘Digital Accountant’ training programme across the Crown Dependencies.

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