Learning support

As an inclusive organisation, we offer a number of support options that help to fulfil the potential in current and future professionals from any background.   

For learners with disabilities or learning difficulties.

We are proud of our accessible and inclusive learning facilities. These are available to all learners who disclose a learning difficulty or disability, in addition to a dedicated learning support team that provides information, advice, guidance and support.  

Our team are knowledgeable, friendly and handle everything in total confidence. They offer a wide range of support for sensory difficulties, mobility difficulty, ADHD, Asperger Syndrome, mental health, dyslexia, dyspraxia and general health problems.

Disclosure and confidentiality.

All information disclosed to BPP or discussed with a member of the learning support team will be dealt with in the strictest confidence. It will only be shared with staff at BPP and, where specialist support is provided, with our specialist support staff on a ‘need to know’ basis. You will be invited to complete a disclosure form so you can restrict where the information is shared. We will not share your information with your employers without your consent. We can also offer information and advice about how to disclose a disability, a learning difficulty or other health issue.

We encourage you to tell us about any learning difficulty, disability or health condition when making your application. This ensures that we can plan support in advance.

We celebrate our differences.

As an education partner, BPP has a resounding commitment to our inclusion and diversity policies. We understand that talent comes from all walks of life, and we have a proud history of supporting a wide range of learners and employers while increasing access in to the professions. 

We are committed to promoting equality and tackling any discrimination that creates barriers to learning. We celebrate a range of cultures, ethnicities and backgrounds to ensure fair access to learning facilities.

General complaints

BPP International Finance provides a comprehensive procedure for investigating and acting upon student complaints and will seek to resolve any complaints informally in the first instance. BPP International Finance's complaints process can be found here.