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  1. Encourage a friend to book a Classroom Course (Taught and Revision at the same time) with BPP CI
  2. Once your friend has received their booking confirmation, you should both submit the form below

You will both receive a voucher worth £75 from select retailers after the course has finished.

The offer is valid from 01 January 2022 through to 31 December 2022. View the Terms and Conditions for full details on the Offer.

Foundations in Accountancy
CGIUKI IFA Levels 4 & 5
Chartered Governance Qualifying Programme



 In the Booking ID field, if you are the new BPP student who has just made a booking, enter the Booking ID that is in the booking confirmation for the Taught course.

If you are the referrer, please enter the same Booking ID that your friend has received as part of their booking confirmation. Your friend should share this with you.

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