Ways to study

You choose when, where and how

At BPP International Finance we have the largest Channel Island full-time tutor team in professional education. This gives us the flexibility to offer you a wide variety of course structures. Students can choose from a range of study methods to suit their learning style. As well as face-to-face courses, we also have our award-winning Online Classroom Live webinar courses and Online Classroom pre-recorded lectures.



Online Classroom Live

Online Classroom Live provides interactive online sessions at scheduled times. This is the ideal approach if you like the discipline and motivation of structured classes, but with the flexibility of studying wherever you have internet access. It provides everything you would expect from a traditional BPP classroom, but delivered live and interactively online. You can take advantage of the following:

  • A range of start and class times available (dependent on course)
  • Access live, interactive lectures wherever you have internet access
  • Comprehensive suite of pre-recorded lectures
  • Interact via computer-based tests and other resources
Online Classroom Live




Online Classroom

Online Classroom

Access pre-recorded lectures from our expert tutors, giving you the freedom and flexibility to learn in a way that is tailored to you and your commitments. Throughout your course, we'll also supply you with key dates and study guidance to help you structure your studies and utilise the support on offer to you. You will receive the following:

  • Access to a comprehensive suite of pre-recorded lectures, 24/7
  • Forums to interact with your tutor and fellow students
  • Proactive support from tutors




Face-to-face study

Stay motivated and on track by studying at specific times at one of our Channel Island study centres. You can benefit from the following:

  • Daytime, evening and weekend courses available (dependent on course and location)
  • Interact and engage with classmates
  • Some courses also provide 24/7 access to a library of online content and a comprehensive suite of pre-recorded lectures

Jersey study centre
There are spacious classrooms, break-out areas, quiet rooms for students to study in, free Wi-Fi throughout and a dedicated computer-based exam room. This combination of facilities, against the backdrop of St Helier, is designed to give students the best chance of success.

Guernsey study centre
There are spacious classrooms, a dedicated computer-based exam room, free Wi-Fi throughout, onsite parking and a feel of really getting away from it. In the summer months, students can often be found enjoying the lunchtime sunshine on the lawn outside the conservatory. 

Face-to-face study




BPP quotes - Orange LightL1.png

The material provided by BPP is of a high standard and volume. Teachers will guide you through a comprehensive set of notes and provide a highly detailed textbook and summary cards should you require further guidance outside the class. BPP provides an online learning environment containing the course material, practice questions and lectures allowing you to recap and test yourself at your own pace. Without this, I do not think I could pass the course! "

Jack Murphy, Accountancy student, BDO