Constructive conflict management

Professional Development


This course helps delegates recognise conflict and to understand how their own behaviour influences others, enabling them to demonstrate effective communication and resolution skills to get the best out of themselves, the team and the client.

Suitable For

This course is designed for managers looking for the opportunity for guided reflection and improvement.

3 CPD hours
3 hours

Learning Outcomes

Having attended this course, delegates will:

  • Better understand conflict in order to identify it early
  • Understand differing personality types and be able to adapt their approach to conflict resolution accordingly
  • Be practiced in applying theory to a variety of scenarios

Course Content

  • This course will look at the importance of finding the true cause of conflict
  • You will identify those situations within your control, those you can influence and those you cannot control
  • You will also identify different personal styles and learn to make a conscious choice about your attitude and behaviour in order to respond appropriately to, and manage, conflict
  • How to identify positive aspects of conflict