Online Classroom Live FAQ
Professional Development

For delegates at BPP CI's Professional Development courses and seminars.

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What is Online Classroom?

Online Classroom Live provides interactive online sessions at scheduled times. This is the ideal approach if you like the discipline and motivation of structured classes, but with the flexibility of studying wherever you have internet access. It provides everything you would expect from a traditional BPP classroom, but delivered live and interactively online. You can take advantage of the following:

  • Access live, interactive lectures wherever you have internet access
  • Interact via computer-based tests and other resources
  • Discussion and chat pod

What technology do I need to be able to use it?

You can download the Adobe Connect app for the best experience (no subscription needed). Alternatively, you can run the software via the web browser with no download needed. For the best experience use Firefox or Chrome.

As of 07 September 2020 there was an update to the Adobe Connect application. To install this updated application onto your device, click on the following link:

Please also refer to our useful information guide.

Can I attend the class from my mobile phone?

Please be aware not all functionality will be the same if attending from a mobile device. There is further information about how Adobe Connect works using a Mobile Device in the downloads pod in the Live test room:

How does it work once I am in the Online Classroom?

Please refer to our useful information guide.

If I lose connection can I rejoin the class?

The tutors have allowed the Online Classroom to be open so you can jump in and out of the class at any time. If an issue persists, please try the following:

  • Ensure you are using a wired internet connection (ethernet), not wifi
  • Restart the Adobe Connect application or restarting your laptop/computer helps a lot.
  • Close all other applications to help Online Classroom also runs more smoothly.
  • Pause the tutor video if there is still an issue. To do this hover mouse over video on Adobe screen and press the pause button that appears.

If you get an echo, you have opened two sessions by mistake. Shut one of them down.

Please note:  You can't access Adobe Connect if you are connected to a VPN.

Can I still ask questions during the class or seminar?

Yes, absolutely. Full interactivity is ensured. There are also voting and poll features which some classes will utilise. 

When will I receive instructions on how to join the Online Classroom for my course?

Delegates at Professional Development courses and seminars will receive their joining instructions email with details of how to join the Online Classroom seven days prior to the course. This will include a link and some other useful information.

Will I still receive a CPD certificate for my Professional Development course?

Yes, delegates will still receive a CPD certificate, which will be sent to you by email in the same way as normal. If you do not sign into and attend the Online Classroom we cannot send a CPD certificate.