Non-Financial Reporting - CSR and Strategic Oversight of ESG

Professional Development


For nearly a century, annual reports of companies concentrated on financial reporting. In recent years we have witnessed a change with more and more emphasis put on CSR, Corporate and Social Responsibility as well an ESG, Environmental, Social and Governance.

This module examines these changes as well as looks into their growing importance driven by both regulation and legislation. 

There is an interview with an experienced Company Secretary who gives his insight into these changes.

Session content

  • CSR v ESG 
  • How ESG is now at the heart of Corporate Governance
  • The growing importance of a company’s ESG score
  • But sometimes companies can get ESG reporting wrong and be accused of greenwashing 
  • Interview with Nigel Moss, Company Secretary of Rutland Partners 

Learning outcomes

Having attended this course, delegates will appreciate:

  • What is non-financial reporting?
  • What ever happened to CSR? Its birth and metamorphosis
  • The rise of ESG and its ever-growing importance in Corporate Governance
  • What is Greenwashing?
  • Interview with Nigel Moss – an experienced CoSec

Suitable For

Those working in financial and professional services in a senior capacity – Non-Executive Directors, Executive Directors, Senior Managers, Senior Governance Professionals, Company Secretaries – as well as those looking to build a better appreciation of the demands placed on directors and boards in the dispatch of their legal, contractual and fiduciary duties.

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Expert video interview with
Nigel Moss

Nigel has been a Company Secretary Rutland Trust PLC and Rutland Partners LLP for over 25 years. He has considerable experience in financial reporting, investor reporting – particularly dealing with fund investors, as well as being at the forefront of Compliance and regulatory work. He spends a lot of time nowadays involved with ESG. He is a Chartered Accountant and has a degree in Maths, Statistics and Economics from St Andrew’s University. He regards good Corporate Governance to be an essential ingredient of any acquisition target.



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