Intermediate bookkeeping (2 days)

Professional Development


This course provides delegates with the opportunity to learn how to go beyond the basic bookkeeping to the year-end adjustments for an entity. It allows delegates to interact with illustrative examples and consolidate their understanding with the tutor.

Online Classroom

online classroom

This course will be delivered through Online Classroom Live.

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Suitable For

This session is suitable for those people who are relatively new to the finance industry, but have some knowledge of double entry bookkeeping and financial statements.

12 CPD hours
12 hours

Learning Outcomes

Having attended this course, delegates will:

  • Consolidate their knowledge of double entry bookkeeping
  • Understand which year end adjustments need to be put through the financial statements and how to do this
  • Look at the impact on the final financial statement of an entity of various accounting policies

Course Content

  • Brief recap of the key principles of bookkeeping
  • Focus on the more complex areas of bookkeeping (accruals, prepayments, asset revaluation etc)
  • Summary of the effect on financial statements