Interpreting a set of company accounts

Professional Development


This course helps delegates understand and interpret at a low level what the financial statements of a simple company are telling the readers. It is suitable for trainee administrators who have to review company accounts.

Suitable For

This session is suitable for those people who are new to the finance industry, but have a little knowledge of double-entry bookkeeping and financial statements.

3 CPD hours
3 hours

Learning Outcomes

Having attended this course, delegates will:

  • Understand how the profitability and wealth of a company are shown
  • Look out for key areas where the knowledge as an administrator should be reflected in the financial statements
  • Have more confidence in dealing with accounts and figures at a low level

Seminar Content

  • Recap of the qualitative characteristics
  • Accounting for fixed assets
  • Debt vs equity
  • Reviewing and interpreting accounts using ratio analysis
  • Practical case studies