What is a trust?

Professional Development


Provides an overview of the origins of a trust relationship. Describes and explains the terminology used in the sector, assisting new professionals to identify key issues. Covers the common types of trust in use including the basics of trust administration and common problems that may occur.

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Suitable For

New entrants into the industry and junior administrators.

2.5 CPD hours
2.5 hours

Learning Outcomes

Having attended this course, delegates will:

  • Understand the origin of trusts
  • Be able to explain basic trust concepts and terminology
  • Discuss the uses of various types of trust

Course Content

  • What is a trust and why do clients use them?
  • How is a trust created and who are the parties to a trust?
  • Settlors, beneficiaries and trustees
  • Types of trusts used in offshore jurisdictions and rationale
  • Trust documentation and roles and responsibilities