The international sanctions environment

Professional Development


Sanctions breaches lead to financial services businesses being heavily fined and subject to significant regulatory action. With the complex nature of sanctions ever evolving, financial services professionals need to understand the various agencies at work and subsequent risks posed. This course will examine the global nature of sanctions and explore how regulated financial services businesses are exposed to the risk of breaching sanctions regimes and how to manage that risk.

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Suitable For

Those working in regulated financial services businesses.

2 CPD hours
2 hours

Learning Outcomes

Having attended this course, delegates will:

  • Understand the complex and international nature of the various sanctions regimes.
  • Appreciate their legal and regulatory responsibilities.
  • Begin to build effective risk mitigation strategies to assist businesses to reduce their risk of adverse regulatory action.

Course Content

  • What are sanctions?
  • Why are they important?
  • Understanding different sanctions regimes
  • How and when are sanctions used?
  • Legal and regulatory risks
  • Practical risk management – vulnerabilities of products and services