Developing resilience

Professional Development


Personal resilience is arguably the most important resource for coping well during challenging times. This session will explore the options available to help staff bounce back after a setback and develop their resilience to future challenges.

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Suitable For

This course is designed for all staff to provide a general overview and awareness of the topic.

2 CPD hours
2 hours

Learning Outcomes

Having attended this course, delegates will:

  • Be able to define resilience
  • Be able to identify the characteristics of resilience
  • Discover what steps they can take to develop greater resilience

Course Content

  • Definition of resilience with case studies
  • Reflection of how you bounce back from setbacks
  • Benefits of resilience
  • Key characteristics of resilience
  • Locus of control
  • Accepting responsibility
  • Circle of control
  • Habits and changing mind sets
  • No failure only feedback
  • Problem solving
  • Network and support, moving forward